11 Proven Strategies to Boost Your Pinterest in 2023: Maximize Your Business Potential on Pinterest

Pinterest is an effective social networking platform and visual search engine that may help companies build their brands, improve website traffic, and produce leads. Having a solid strategy in place will help you to get the most out of Pinterest for your business. These 7 techniques will help you increase your visibility on Pinterest:

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1. Boost Your Profile.

Your Pinterest profile should be optimised by:

  • Use a profile picture and cover pictures that are crystal clear and reflect your business.
  • Add a thorough bio to your profile and use business-related keywords.
  • In order for people to readily find your website, include a link to it in your profile.
  • In order for people to locate and follow you, make sure your profile is public.
  • You can also include your business’s location, category, and other crucial details.
  • To make it simple for people to locate you on various social media networks, make sure to use the same username on all of them.
  • Create boards that display your brand and represent your passions and business.

2. Create Boards

On Pinterest, creating boards is a terrific method to organise your pins and increase their discoverability. To help you make boards that will increase your presence on the platform, consider the following advice:

  • Select board names with terms that are pertinent to your business.
  • Make sure your boards are easy to use and are arranged appropriately.
  • Make boards for various business-related themes, such as products, services, or inspiration.
  • Regularly add new pins to your boards and delete any out-of-date ones to keep them updated.
  • Create shared boards or add to existing ones to collaborate with other people.
  • Use a variety of high-quality photographs and videos on your boards, and maintain a consistent look to make them aesthetically appealing.
  • Your boards will stand out if you use board coverings.
  • Try out different forms and ideas on your boards, and be inventive and experimental to find what engages your audience the most.

3. Pin Consistently

To keep your boards active and interesting for your followers, it’s crucial to Pin consistently on Pinterest. The following advice will help you pin consistently:

  • Plan out your pins in advance by creating a content calendar.
  • Keep your boards active by pinning frequently, preferably many times per day.
  • Keep your boards unique and interesting by pinning a mixture of your own content and other people’s content.
  • To maintain consistency even when you are busy or absent, use scheduling tools to plan pins in advance.
  • To reach the largest audience, schedule your pins around the periods when Pinterest is most active.
  • Track the effectiveness of your pins using Pinterest Analytics, and then modify your approach as necessary.
  • Be aesthetically, chromatically, and brand-consistent.
  • Instead of concentrating only on recent pins, attempt to repin older information that is still relevant to your audience.

4. Utilize Keywords

Using keywords on Pinterest can assist visitors who are looking for particular topics find your pins and boards more easily. Here are some pointers for making good use of keywords on the platform:

  • To make your boards and pins more searchable, use keywords in the titles, subtitles, and captions of both.
  • Use long-tail keywords to target a more relevant audience because they are more focused and precise.
  • Use trendy keywords in your specialty as well as terms that are pertinent to your business and industry.
  • To reach a larger audience while yet focusing on niche interests, combine broad and niche keywords.
  • Find popular terms in your niche by using keyword research tools.
  • Use hashtags in your pins and boards to expand the exposure and reach of your content.
  • In the bio, location, and categories of your profile, include pertinent keywords.
  • Analyze your data to determine which keywords are generating the greatest engagement, and then modify your strategy as necessary.

5. Collaborate With Other Users

On Pinterest, collaborating with other users can help you enhance interaction, grow your following, and reach new audiences. These pointers will help you work with other users:

  • Make contact with other people in your expertise and offer to work together on a common board.
  • Look for people who have a high interaction rate and a target audience that is comparable to yours.
  • Join discussion forums in your specialty where you can participate.
  • Share other users’ pins on your boards and request that they reciprocate.
  • Create a Pinterest challenge or competition with other users.
  • Partnering with bloggers and influencers in your niche can enable you to reach a larger audience.
  • Join forces with other people who are fervent about your brand to establish a brand ambassador programme.
  • To work together on particular boards, use the “Collaborators” option.
  • You may improve your brand recognition and authority on the platform by collaborating.

6. Use Paid Promotion

You may increase your audience reach and increase traffic to your website by using paid Pinterest promotion. Here are some pointers for using platform-specific paid advertising successfully:

  • For your marketing, establish specific objectives like boosting website traffic or boosting revenue.
  • Utilize Promoted Pins to expand your audience and give your pins more visibility.
  • To display several items or images in one ad, use Promoted Carousels.
  • Promoted App Pins can help you get more app downloads.
  • Utilize audience targeting tools to connect with users most likely to interact with your content.
  • A/B testing can help you increase the effectiveness of your advertising.
  • Utilize Pinterest Analytics to monitor the effectiveness of your campaigns and make changes as necessary.
  • Retargeting can help you connect with visitors who have interacted with your website or content in the past.
  • Ad creative, colour scheme, and logo should all be consistent.
  • Promote your current pins fast and effortlessly by using the “Promote” button.
  • When developing and implementing your campaigns, keep Pinterest’s policies in mind.

7. Engage With Your Audience

Building relationships and encouraging loyalty among your followers can be accomplished by actively engaging with your audience on Pinterest. Following are some pointers for interacting with your audience:

  • Show your audience that you value their feedback by promptly responding to comments and communications.
  • To express your gratitude for your followers’ engagement, share user-generated content like pins or photographs.
  • To communicate with your audience in real-time, host a Q&A or a live session.
  • Promote engagement by holding a contest or giveaway and inspiring your audience to share their own content.
  • Track the demographics and interests of your audience using Pinterest Analytics, then modify your content accordingly.
  • By saving pins from your audience, you may demonstrate to them your appreciation for their work.
  • To express your admiration for the pins of other users, click the “Like” button.
  • Set up discussion boards for user-generated material to display your audience and their interests.
  • Start a discussion with your audience by clicking the “Comment” button.
  • When communicating with your audience, be genuine and human.

8. Participate In Group Boards to Reach a Larger Audience

By participating in group boards, you can broaden the audience for your content and your pins. Group boards are boards that can accept contributions from many users and were developed by other users. You must search for boards that relate to your sector or expertise in order to participate in group boards.

Then, send an application for membership. You can begin adding pins to the board as soon as you are accepted as a contributor. The board’s rules must be followed, and only high-quality, pertinent pins should be added. Engaging and interacting with other contributors on the board is a good practise as well. This can improve communication and raise the profile of your pins.

9. Create Pins with A Call-To-Action to Increase Engagement

Your Pinterest account’s engagement can rise if you make pins that include a call-to-action (CTA). A CTA is a button or line of text that implores users to perform a certain action, such visiting your website or subscribing to a newsletter.

Listed below are a few CTAs you could use in your pins:

  • “Learn more” or “Find out more” – Users can access a specific page on your website by clicking “Learn more” or “Find out more,”
  • “Shop now” – clicking “Shop now” takes them to your website’s online store.
  • “Sign up” or “Subscribe” – “Sign up” or “Subscribe” takes viewers to a form where they can subscribe to your newsletter or email list.
  • “Download” – Users are directed by the word “Download” to a free resource or manual you have written.

It’s crucial to make your CTAs obvious and simple to grasp when including them in your pins. Additionally, it’s a good idea to have a similar CTA across all of your pins so that users will know what to expect when they click on one of them. Additionally, confirm that the link you offer in the CTA is active and leads to the appropriate page.

It’s also crucial to remember that CTAs must be used sensibly and appropriately. Users who see too many calls to action may become overwhelmed and be less inclined to interact with your pins.

10. To Choose The Ideal Time To Post, Do A/B Testing.

A/B testing, commonly referred to as split testing, is a technique for comparing the results of two variants of a single element (in this case, the timing of your pins) to see which one performs better. By making sure that your pins are seen by the most users at the correct moment, you can boost the exposure and engagement of your account by employing A/B testing to discover the optimal time to publish.

As an illustration of how you may do an A/B test to find the ideal time to publish on Pinterest, consider the following:

  • Select a set time period for your test, like a week.
  • During that week, choose two distinct posting times, such as 8 am and 2 pm.
  • Post the same pins during both timeslots every day of the week.
  • Examine engagement indicators like likes, repins, and clicks to monitor the effectiveness of each set of pins.
  • To decide which time slot fared better, compare the results of the two options.
  • You can repeat this procedure for many days of the week or various time slots to get a more precise idea of when to post for your particular audience.

It’s critical to remember that because of the possibility that your audience and niche differ from others’, the optimal moment for you might not coincide with others’. Additionally, it’s a good idea to try several hours and days to determine what works best for your particular demographic.

11. Make Pinterest Boards That Reflect the Current Fashions and Holidays

You may make your pins become more visible and engaging by making boards that correspond with current trends and holidays. Your pins will be timely and relevant if you create boards that are centred on current trends and approaching holidays, which might raise the possibility that more people will view and interact with them.

The following are a few illustrations of how you could make boards that correspond with current trends and holidays:

  • Make a board on Pinterest that focuses on the newest fashion trends, and then add pictures of attire and accessories that follow those trends.
  • Make a board dedicated to healthy eating and pin pictures of dishes and meal suggestions that follow the newest medical trends.
  • Make a board on Pinterest that focuses on future holidays like Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter, etc. and add pictures of gift suggestions, home décor inspiration, and holiday-appropriate foods.

It’s crucial to make sure the pins you include on your boards are of excellent quality, visually appealing, and pertinent to the board’s topic when making boards that reflect current trends and holidays. Additionally, be sure to utilise hashtags and keywords consistent with the board’s theme to increase the likelihood that individuals looking for that content will find it.

In order to keep your boards contemporary and relevant, it’s also necessary to bear in mind that trends and holidays change frequently. As a result, you should continue to update your boards in accordance with these changes.


In conclusion, Pinterest is an effective visual search engine and social media network that may be a big help to companies trying to build their brand awareness, boost traffic to their websites, and develop leads.

The secret to success on Pinterest is having a solid plan in place that includes optimising your profile, building boards, pinning regularly, employing keywords, working with other users, using sponsored promotion, and communicating with your audience.

By putting these techniques into practise, you may raise your profile and level of participation on the platform, improve traffic to your website, and ultimately expand your business. Being constant with your efforts, monitoring your results, and modifying your plan as necessary is vital because Pinterest is a long-term commitment.

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