40 Best Pinterest Advertising Strategies: How to Use Promoted Pins to Reach More People and Drive Sales

Businesses can increase their customer base and sales by using promoted pins on Pinterest. You must register for a Pinterest business account and set up your campaign using the Ads Manager in order to use them.

You can select the pins you wish to promote while designing your campaign, as well as your target market and budget. Once your campaign is live, users who fit your target audience will see your sponsored pins in their home feeds, search results, and category feeds.

Utilize A/B testing to test various pin images, titles, and descriptions to improve your campaign and expand your audience. Analytics can also be used to monitor the effectiveness of your campaign and make any corrections.

You should be aware that promoted pins are a paid service, so you should have money put aside to support your campaign. Additionally, you should always abide by Pinterest’s rules for promoted content to prevent your ads from being rejected.

There are a few more tactics you can employ in addition to the fundamental campaign setup to maximise the effectiveness of your Promoted Pins.

1. Use Keywords

Use keywords: To have your pins appear in more search results, include pertinent keywords in the titles and descriptions of your pins.

2. Optimize Your Images

Optimize your images: Utilize eye-catching, high-quality photographs that are pertinent to your product or service to optimise your image use.

3. Use Rich Pins

Use Rich Pins: Use Rich Pins to enhance interaction. Rich Pins provide more details like a product’s price or availability.

4. Try out several targeting strategies

Try out several targeting strategies: To identify the greatest audience for your pins, test out various targeting options such as geography, language, and hobbies.


5. Use retargeting

Use retargeting: Use retargeting to display your pins to users who have already interacted with your content.

6. Keep an eye on and tweak your campaign

Keep an eye on and tweak your campaign: Utilize Pinterest Ads Manager’s statistics to track the effectiveness of your campaign and make changes as necessary.

7. Try out several ad formats

Try out several ad formats: Pinterest offers a variety of ad formats, including shopping ads, video ads, carousel ads, and more. Examine many formats to see which one is most effective for your company.

8. Utilize Pinterest’s advertising partners

Utilize Pinterest’s advertising partners: To expand your campaigns and improve outcomes, use the partner programme to collaborate with Pinterest-approved ad agencies, marketing specialists, and other partners.

9. Use Pinterest’s ad partner

Use Pinterest’s ad partner: Remember that Promoted Pins are a type of paid advertising, so patience and work are required before you start to see any real progress. But when used well, Promoted Pins can be a potent tool for expanding your audience and boosting revenue for your company.

10. Use seasonal and timely content

Use seasonal and timely content: Use timely and seasonally appropriate information to match your pins to trends and current events. Your pins will appear more pertinent to consumers as a result.

11. Use storytelling

Use storytelling: To make your pins more interesting and relatable to your target audience, use storytelling.

12. Utilize Pin commenting and pinning

Utilize Pin commenting and pinning: Encourage users to remark on and pin your pins by using pin commenting and pinning. Your pins’ exposure and interaction will both rise as a result.

13. Use Pinterest’s conversion tracking

Use Pinterest’s conversion tracking: Utilize the conversion tracking feature on Pinterest to monitor user behaviour after they interact with your pins. This will assist you in determining the success of your campaign.

14. Use Pinterest’s audience insights to your advantage


Use Pinterest’s audience insights to your advantage: Use Pinterest’s audience insights to gain an understanding of the characteristics, pursuits, and habits of your target market. You can use this information to develop campaigns that are more successful.

15. Use Pinterest’s Lookalike Audience

Use Pinterest’s Lookalike Audience: Utilize Pinterest’s Lookalike Audience tool to target visitors who are comparable to your current clients. By doing this, you’ll be able to connect with a new group of people who are more likely to be interested in your goods and services.

16. Work together with influencers

Work together with influencers: To reach a larger audience and improve the exposure of your pins, work together with influencers in your sector.

17. Use Pinterest’s Promote button

Use Pinterest’s Promote button: Promoted Pins can be an effective technique for expanding your audience and increasing revenue for your company. You may improve your campaigns and successfully reach your target audience by using the advice in this article. Keep in mind that it’s crucial to continuously review and tweak your efforts to make sure the proper audience is being reached and the expected results are being obtained.

18. Use Pinterest’s Promote button

Use Pinterest’s Promote button: Use the Promote button on Pinterest to swiftly and conveniently spread the word about your current pins. This enables you to advertise pins that have previously demonstrated their ability to be shared and engaged with by your audience.

19. Use Pinterest’s Promote App Pins

Use Pinterest’s Promote App Pins: Utilize Promote App Pins on Pinterest to increase app downloads for your mobile application. App Pins can be used to advertise in-app purchases and increase user interaction with your app.

20. Use Promote Shopping Pins on Pinterest

Use Promote Shopping Pins on Pinterest: Promote Shopping Pins might help you advertise your products and increase sales. These pins provide details like cost, accessibility, and a link to make a purchase.

21. Use Pinterest’s Promote Video Pins

Use Pinterest’s Promote Video Pins: Utilize Promote Video Pins on Pinterest to make interesting video ads that will promote brand recognition and boost sales.

22. Use Pinterest’s Promote Story Pins

Use Pinterest’s Promote Story Pins: Utilize Promote Story Pins on Pinterest to build captivating tales that will help you raise brand recognition and boost sales.

Use Pinterest’s Promote Carousel Pins: Use Promote Carousel Pins on Pinterest to make eye-catching, interactive advertising that feature many photos or videos in a single pin. This might be a fantastic approach to emphasise various goods or services that your company offers.

24. Use Pinterest’s Promote Collection Pins

Use Pinterest’s Promote Collection Pins: Create a collection of pins that are arranged by theme or product category using Pinterest’s Promote Collection Pins feature. Users will be able to browse and find your products more easily as a result.

25. Use Pinterest’s Promote Lens Pins

Use Pinterest’s Promote Lens Pins: Utilize Pinterest’s Promote Lens Pins to create immersive and interactive adverts that let consumers see how your products appear in various environments.

26. Use Pinterest’s Promote Interactive Pins

Use Pinterest’s Promote Interactive Pins: Use Promote Dynamic Pins on Pinterest to create interactive and captivating adverts that encourage users to take activities like completing forms, voting, and playing games.

27. Use Pinterest’s Promote Poll Pins

Use Pinterest’s Promote Poll Pins: Use Promote Poll Pins on Pinterest to build polls that let users choose between various possibilities. This may be a really useful method for getting feedback and learning what your audience wants.

28. Utilize Pinterest’s targeting options

Utilize Pinterest’s targeting options: Use Pinterest’s targeting tools to ensure that your ads are seen by the proper demographic. Among other things, you can target people based on their demographics, hobbies, activities, and keywords.

29. Use Pinterest’s remarketing

Use Pinterest’s remarketing: Utilize Pinterest’s remarketing tool to target visitors who have already interacted with your website or content. Reconnecting with former consumers in this way can increase revenue.

30. Use Pinterest’s Custom Audiences

Use Pinterest’s Custom Audiences: Target customers who are already on your email list or who have interacted with your company on other platforms by using Pinterest’s Custom Audiences tool.

31. Use Pinterest’s Placement targeting

Use Pinterest’s Placement targeting: Use Pinterest’s placement targeting function to select where your advertising will appear on the social media platform. You have the option of displaying your advertising on the category pages, search results pages, or the main feed.

32. Use Pinterest’s Bid optimization

Use Pinterest’s Bid optimization: Utilize Pinterest’s bid optimization feature to adjust your bids for various ad types, targeting possibilities, and placements. This might aid in maximising the return on your advertising investment.

33. Use Pinterest’s A/B testing

Use Pinterest’s A/B testing: Use Pinterest’s A/B testing function to test several ad variations and determine which ones work the best. You can use this to gradually improve your campaigns.

34. Use high-quality images

Use high-quality images: Be careful to include good pictures in your promoted pins. Utilizing captivating images can assist boost engagement and click-through rates on Pinterest, a visual network.

35. Use clear and concise text

Use clear and concise text: In your Promoted Pins, be sure to use content that is clear and succinct. Remember that the text ought to be simple to read and comprehend.

36. Make your call to action clear

Make your call to action clear: In your Promoted Pins, include a clear call to action. Any straightforward “Learn More,” “Shop Now,” or “Sign Up” will do. Make the following action for users simple to complete.

37. Use Pinterest Analytics

Use Pinterest Analytics: Utilize Pinterest Analytics to track the effectiveness of your Promoted Pins. Your pins’ impressions, clicks, and conversions are all visible to you. You can use this information to gradually improve your campaigns.

38. Use third-party tools

Use third-party tools: Utilize third-party solutions to maintain and improve your Pinterest advertising. You can automate and streamline your advertising efforts with the aid of a number of tools.

39. Keep an eye on your spending

Keep an eye on your spending: When running your Promoted Pins, keep an eye on your spending. To make sure you are staying under your budget, you can specify daily or yearly budgets for your campaigns.

40. Monitor your campaigns regularly

Monitor your campaigns regularly: frequent campaign monitoring Keep an eye on your campaigns frequently. Watch how your Promoted Pins are doing and make any necessary tweaks.

Finally, it’s crucial to keep in mind that, like other forms of promotion, Pinterest advertising requires time and effort to produce noticeable results. However, you can optimise your efforts and successfully reach your target audience by employing these best practises and advice. Once you identify the ones that are most effective for your organisation, keep experimenting with new ideas and techniques.

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