How To Get Started With Jvzoo: A Step-By-Step Guide For Beginners

JVZoo is a well-known online marketplace where merchants can sell digital goods including software, e-books, and courses, and where affiliates can advertise those goods in return for a commission. JVZoo is a useful tool for anyone trying to launch an internet business, expand their audience, or create new cash streams because it has over 800,000 active users.

JVZoo offers a variety of tools and resources to support you in your success, whether you’re an experienced marketer or a novice to the world of online business. JVZoo offers a comprehensive platform that may assist you in expanding your business and achieving your objectives, from developing your product and setting up your sales funnel to selecting affiliates and promoting your product.

In this manual, we’ll walk you through the steps involved in signing up for JVZoo, developing and marketing your product, and improving your sales funnel. You’ll have the information and resources you need to begin making sales on JVZoo and developing a lucrative online business by the end of this tutorial.

Table of Contents

1. Create a JVZoo account

1. Visit the JVZoo website first: Go to in your favourite web browser.

2. Select “Sign Up”: On the homepage, in the upper right corner, is a “Sign Up” button. Just click it.

3. Provide the following personal information: Name, email, and password are required. You must also choose your nation and time zone.

4. Enter the necessary payment information: To get paid for the goods you sell or the commissions you make as an affiliate, you must enter your payment information. A bank account or PayPal are your options.

5. Accept the rules and regulations: When you have carefully read and agree to the JVZoo terms and conditions, click the “Agree” button.

6. Confirm your email address: To confirm your email address, JVZoo will send you an email. To confirm your account, click the link in the email.

7. Finish up your profile: Log into your JVZoo account and finish filling out your profile after confirming your email. To make your account more unique, you can add your photo, social media accounts, and other information.

Congratulations! Your JVZoo account has been successfully created. From here, you can explore the platform, develop and market digital goods, and work as an affiliate marketer to advertise other people’s goods.

2. Set up your vendor account

1. Access your JVZoo account: Log in to JVZoo using your email address and password by visiting the homepage.

2. Select “Seller” from the tabs: The “Seller” tab can be found on the top navigation menu. To access the settings for your vendor account, click on it.

3. Complete the details on your vendor account: Enter your name, address, and tax information, as well as any other personal or business information. To get payments from your sales, you must also enter your payment information.

4. Configure your item: You can begin developing your product as soon as your vendor account information is ready. Enter the information for your product, including its name, description, price, and any additional features or bonuses, by clicking the “Add a Product” button in your vendor dashboard.

5. Create your sales funnel. A sales funnel is a process that guides prospective clients toward buying your goods. The stages you want your clients to take can be created by clicking the “Sales Funnel” tab in your product settings.

6. Include affiliates: Affiliates are salespeople who market your goods in return for a fee. The “Affiliates” area in your product settings is where you add affiliates and choose the terms and commission rate for them.

7. Test your product: Before launching it, make sure to thoroughly test it to make sure everything functions as it should. You can do this by buying the product yourself or by asking friends or coworkers to test it out for you.

Congratulations! You’ve finished setting up your JVZoo vendor account and are now prepared to start selling your digital goods to customers all over the world.

3. Create your product

Using JVZoo, create your product by following these steps:

1. Access your JVZoo account: Log in to JVZoo using your email address and password by visiting the homepage.

2. Select “Seller” from the tabs: The “Seller” tab can be found on the top navigation menu. To access the settings for your vendor account, click on it.

3. Select “Add a Product”: 3. To add a new product, select the “Add a Product” button in your vendor dashboard.

4. Fill out your product information: Include all pertinent information about your product, such as its name, its specifications, its cost, and any extra features or freebies you wish to offer. Additionally, you can add pictures or videos to promote your goods.

5. Choose whether you want to offer your product as a one-time purchase or as a recurring subscription in step five of setting up your product options. For your product, you may also specify the cost, the currency, and other details.

6. Design your sales funnel. A sales funnel is a process that guides potential customers toward buying your goods. The stages you want your clients to take can be created by clicking the “Sales Funnel” tab in your product settings.

7. Establish an affiliate program. Affiliates are online marketers who advertise your goods in return for a reward. Set the commission rate and conditions for your affiliates by selecting the “Affiliates” option in your product settings.

8. Save and publish your product: After finishing all the requirements, save your product and post it on JVZoo. A worldwide clientele will now be able to purchase your stuff.

Congratulations! You are now prepared to begin selling your product to people all over the world after creating it on JVZoo.

4. Set up your sales funnel

Follow these steps to build up your sales funnel on JVZoo:

1. Access your JVZoo account: Log in to JVZoo using your email address and password by visiting the homepage.

2. Select “Seller” from the tabs: The “Seller” tab can be found on the top navigation menu. To access the settings for your vendor account, click on it.

3. Select the tab labeled “Sales Funnel”: To establish a new sales funnel or make changes to an existing one, select the “Sales Funnel” tab in your vendor dashboard.

4. Add step: Simply select the “Add a Step” button to include a new step in your sales funnel. A product review, an upsell offer, or a video sales letter are just a few of the alternatives available.

5. Personalize your step: After you’ve created a step, make it unique by including your material, pictures, videos, and other components. For every phase, you can also specify the cost and other parameters.

6. Configure your upsells and downsells: These are supplementary offers you can make to clients after they’ve made a purchase. Click the “Upsells/Downsells” option, then build your offers to set up your upsells and downsells.

7. Configure your exit popups: Visitors see exit popups when they attempt to leave your website or sales page. Exit popups can be used to solicit email addresses or to promote a last-minute deal. Click the “Exit Popups” tab, then type your message to configure your exit popups.

8. Conserve and share your sales funnel: Save your sales funnel and make it public on JVZoo once you’ve finished all the required procedures. Your sales funnel is now ready to be used to advertise your product and turn website visitors into paying clients.

Congratulations! As soon as your JVZoo sales funnel is configured, you can begin promoting your business and making sales.

5. Add affiliates

Follow these steps to add affiliates to your JVZoo product:

1. Access your JVZoo account: Log in to JVZoo using your email address and password by visiting the homepage.

2. Select “Seller” from the tabs: The “Seller” tab can be found on the top navigation menu. To access the settings for your vendor account, click on it.

3. Select “Affiliates” from the menu: To check your affiliate program settings, go to the “Affiliates” option in your vendor dashboard.

4. Create your affiliate program: If you haven’t previously, click the “Set Up Affiliate Program” option and input the conditions for your affiliates as well as the commission rate.

5. Invite affiliates: To invite affiliates to join your program, click the “Add Affiliates” option and enter their email addresses. A personalized greeting can also be sent to every affiliate.

6. Accept affiliate requests. You can find affiliate requests under the “Affiliate Requests” section. If an affiliate has asked to join your program, you can accept their request there. Once you’ve reviewed the request, press “Approve” to include them in your program.

7. Manage your affiliates: In the “Affiliate Management” section, you may check information about your affiliates’ performance, commissions, and other factors. To aid them in promoting your goods, you may also get in touch with your affiliates and give them marketing materials.

8. Make payments to your affiliates. JVZoo has an automatic payment system that enables you to make payments to your affiliates directly from the website. The frequency and method of payments are adjustable in your affiliate program settings.

Congratulations! You are now prepared to begin pushing your product to a larger audience since you have added affiliates to your product on JVZoo.

6. Promote your product

Follow these steps to market your product on JVZoo:

1. Create promotional materials: To assist your affiliates in promoting your product, create promotional materials including banners, email swipes, and social media posts. Through the JVZoo platform, you can give your affiliates access to these content.

2. Provide incentives: Provide incentives to your clients to encourage them to buy your product. These extras could be supplemental goods or services that go well with your main offering.

3. Use social media: Promote your product and interact with your audience by using social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. To reach a larger audience, promote your goods among your followers and make use of pertinent hashtags.

4. Run paid advertising campaigns: To reach a specific audience and increase traffic to your sales page, you may run paid advertising campaigns on websites like Google Ads and Facebook Ads.

5. Take part in JVZoo launches: Product launches are promotional occasions that promote new products from a variety of vendors. JVZoo frequently arranges these events. Take part in these launches to promote your product and reach more people.

6. Provide discounts and promotions: Give your clients discounts and promotions to entice them to buy your goods. To raise the price of your product, you can offer it for a short period of time or combine it with other goods.

7. Track your results: Check your sales and conversion rates to see which marketing tactics are most effective for your goods. Utilize this data to improve your sales funnel and marketing strategies.

Congratulations! Now that you know how to advertise your product on JVZoo, you’re prepared to start making sales and expanding your company.

7. Monitor your sales and analytics

Selling your goods on JVZoo requires careful attention to your analytics and sales. You can follow these methods to monitor your sales and performance:

1. Make use of the JVZoo dashboard: The JVZoo dashboard gives you comprehensive details about your sales, refunds, and commissions. By entering into your JVZoo account and selecting the “Seller” page, you may examine this data.

2. Install Google Analytics: You can track website traffic, conversion rates, and other important metrics by installing Google Analytics on your sales page. This might help you pinpoint problem areas and improve your sales funnel.

3. Monitor your email campaigns: If you’re promoting your product via email, monitor the open and click-through rates of your emails using an email marketing platform like Mailchimp or Aweber. This can assist you in identifying the most effective subject lines and calls to action.

4. Keep track of social media engagement by watching the number of likes, comments, and shares you receive on your postings. This might assist you in figuring out the kinds of material that are connecting with your audience.

5. Examine your affiliate performance: Track your affiliate performance, including the quantity of clicks, purchases, and commissions produced by each affiliate, using the JVZoo affiliate management tools. This might assist you in identifying and rewarding your top-performing associates.

6. Use split testing: Test several iterations of your sales page and promotional materials using split testing. You can find out which versions are most successful at turning visitors into customers by experimenting with different headlines, calls-to-action, and other components.

You can improve your sales funnel and expand your business by keeping an eye on your JVZoo statistics and sales to acquire insightful information about your performance.


In conclusion, JVZoo is a strong platform that can aid in the launch and expansion of an internet business. You may make and sell digital products with its assortment of features and tools, find affiliates, and advertise your product to a large audience. You may sign up for JVZoo, develop your product, and fine-tune your sales funnel to maximize your revenue by following the instructions provided in this article.

Keep in mind that success on JVZoo demands time and effort, as well as a dedication to provide top-notch goods and first-rate customer care. JVZoo, however, may be a potent instrument for reaching your online business objectives and creating a reliable income stream if used with the proper strategy and frame of mind.

We hope that this tutorial has been useful in introducing you to JVZoo and equipping you with the information and tools you need to be successful. Always aim to offer your clients and affiliates value, be focused, and be persistent. Good luck!

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