How To Make Money From Aliexpress in 2023

Popular online store AliExpress provides a large selection of goods at affordable costs. It’s a fantastic platform for individuals and business owners to generate income.

AliExpress offers a variety of revenue streams, such as dropshipping, affiliate marketing, product reviews, resale, and service sales. Although each strategy calls for a distinct approach, they all have the potential to be profitable and flexible. Anyone may start making money from AliExpress with the appropriate approach and work. In this piece, we’ll examine each of these approaches in further depth and offer practical advice.

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1. Dropshipping

A well-liked business strategy called dropshipping enables business owners to launch an internet store without having to keep inventory. This is how it goes:

1. Pick a niche: You can decide to concentrate on a certain specialty, such as home furnishings, electronics, or cosmetic items. This will assist you in locating the target market and finding goods that appeal to their interests.

2. Locate a supplier: On AliExpress, you can find vendors who provide dropshipping services. You will only be required to pay for the products when a consumer puts an order on your website. These suppliers will take care of product inventories and shipment.

3. Establish an online store: To do this, utilize a platform like Shopify or WooCommerce. You can edit the store’s layout and incorporate AliExpress products into your website.

4. Promote your store: To advertise your store and increase website traffic, you can employ digital marketing strategies like social media ads, search engine optimization, or influencer marketing.

5. Complete orders: You must buy the item from AliExpress and mail it directly to the consumer when they make an order on your website. The supplier will take care of shipping and order fulfillment.

6. Manage customer service: You must deal with client questions, issues, and refunds. To foster loyalty and trust, outstanding customer service is essential.

Here is an illustration of how dropshipping on AliExpress functions: Consider that you open an internet business and intend to offer phone cases. On AliExpress, you locate a vendor who sells a range of phone cases at affordable costs. You upload these phone cases to your internet store and begin pushing them using influencer marketing and social media ads.

You buy the phone cover from the supplier on AliExpress when a customer places an order on your website, and you ship it directly to the buyer. The phone case is shipped to the buyer, and you keep the difference in profit between what you charged the customer and what you paid the supplier on AliExpress.

2. Affiliate marketing

A performance-based marketing technique known as affiliate marketing involves an affiliate promoting a company’s goods or services in exchange for a commission on each purchase made through their special referral link. What affiliate marketing entails is as follows:

1. Discover an affiliate network: Join an affiliate network on AliExpress or other e-commerce sites. After being accepted, you’ll get a special referral link that keeps track of your sales.

2. Promote products: You can use your blog, social media, or other marketing platforms to advertise AliExpress products. You can share your personal experience using the products, write product reviews, or make tutorials.

3. Drive traffic: In order to improve your chances of making a sale, you must direct people to your affiliate link. To reach your target audience, you can employ strategies like search engine optimization, social media marketing, or email marketing.

4. Earn commission: You get a percentage of the sale when someone uses your referral link to buy something. The commission rate varies based on the affiliate program and the product.

5. Track performance: The affiliate program’s dashboard allows you to keep tabs on your progress and revenue. This information can help you increase sales and improve your marketing approach.

Here’s an illustration of how affiliate marketing on AliExpress operates: Consider enrolling with the AliExpress affiliate program as a beauty blogger. You create a blog post on the best inexpensive cosmetic brushes with a link to AliExpress products as your affiliate. When one of your readers clicks on your affiliate link and buys something, you get paid a commission. The more people that use your affiliate link to buy something, the more money you’ll get in commission.

3. Product reviews

An effective approach to get money from AliExpress is through product reviews. Here are some tips on how to write product reviews for money:

1. Pick a niche: You can decide to concentrate on a certain specialty, such as home furnishings, electronics, or cosmetic items. This will assist you in locating the target market and finding goods that appeal to their interests.

2. Write product reviews on your blog, YouTube channel, or other online publications. To assist your audience in making an informed purchase decision, you might provide your personal experience, advantages and disadvantages, and other pertinent facts.

3. Develop an audience: In order to draw in advertisers or generate income from advertising, you must develop an audience. To increase your audience, you can employ influencer marketing, social media, and SEO.

4. Make money off of your content: By collaborating with AliExpress or other companies to advertise their goods, you can make money off of your content. Sponsored content, affiliate marketing, and advertising revenue are all ways to make money online.

5. Offer value: In order to gain your audience’s trust and credibility, you must offer them something. To assist your audience in making the best purchase decision, you might include product comparisons, tutorials, or other helpful information.

An illustration of how to earn money by writing product reviews for AliExpress is shown below: Consider a scenario in which you are a tech blogger who wants to review the newest smartphone on AliExpress. You buy the phone off of AliExpress and provide a thorough review of it on your blog.

You mention how well the phone performs, its features, and your own experience using it. In addition, you provide a link to the phone’s page on AliExpress. When one of your readers clicks on the affiliate link and buys something, you get paid a commission. By placing adverts on your blog, you can generate income from advertising as well.

4. Reselling

Reselling is a well-liked method of profiting from AliExpress. Here’s how to resale items from AliExpress to generate money:

1. Locate things to resell: On AliExpress, you can find products to resell by looking for hot or trending items in your niche. To identify successful products, you can use resources like the AliExpress dropshipping center or product research tools.

2. Establish a store: In order to sell the things you’ve selected, you’ll need to establish an internet store. To build a store, you can utilize a platform like Shopify, WooCommerce, or BigCommerce.

3. Purchase products: After you’ve identified the goods to sell, you must purchase them from AliExpress. Orders can be filled using dropshipping, in which case the AliExpress seller ships the goods straight to the client.

4. Set competitive prices for your products in order to draw customers. To determine the appropriate price, you can look at competitor prices or use tools like AliExpress’ price tracker.

5. Promote your store: In order to get clients, you must promote your store. To reach your target audience, you can employ strategies like influencer marketing, email marketing, and social media marketing.

6. Complete orders: In order to complete an order, you must buy the requested item from an AliExpress seller and give the customer’s shipping information.

7. Provide customer service: In order to gain credibility and trust, you must deliver exceptional customer service. To keep your consumers happy, you can provide quick shipping, simple returns, and timely customer service.

Here’s an illustration of how to profit from reselling AliExpress goods: Consider that you have discovered a well-liked outfit on AliExpress because you are fascinated in the fashion sector. Using a dropshipping software, you build a Shopify store and add the dress to it. You advertise the dress on social media and price it competitively. You receive a dress order from a customer, buy it from the AliExpress seller, and give the customer’s shipping information. You make money from the sale while the seller ships the dress directly to the buyer.

5. Selling services

Another option to make money on AliExpress is to sell services. Here’s how to profit from offering services for sale on AliExpress:

1. Describe your service: On AliExpress, you can sell a wide range of services, including graphic design, writing, translation, and web development. Determine the service you want to give and make sure you have the qualifications to do it.

2. Create a service listing on AliExpress: You must list your service there. Include information about the service, such as the nature of the work, the deadline, and the cost. When describing your service and emphasizing your background and credentials, use clear, succinct wording.

3. Market your service: In order to draw clients, you must market your service. To reach your target demographic, you can employ strategies like social media marketing, email marketing, or paid advertising.

4. Produce high-quality work: After a client orders your service, you must produce high-quality work within the set time range. Make sure the consumer receives regular updates on the progress and outcome to ensure their satisfaction.

5. Offer customer service: In order to gain credibility and trust, you must offer first-rate customer service. Customers should receive timely responses to their questions, modifications if necessary, and pleasant service.

6. Create a portfolio: To draw in additional clients, you might compile a collection of your best work and display it on your website or AliExpress listing. Include examples of your best work and customer testimonials.

Here’s an illustration of how to profit by offering services for sale on AliExpress: Consider the case where a graphic artist wants to advertise logo design services on AliExpress. You establish a listing for your service with information on the work’s parameters, a projected completion date, and a cost. You advertise your services on social media and draw in a client that need a logo for their company.

You maintain regular contact with the client, offer a few design options, and complete the logo within the set time limit. The client commends your services to others after being pleased with the completed work and leaving a favorable review. Through excellent feedback and recommendations, you gain a profit from the sale and draw in more clients.


In conclusion, AliExpress is a flexible platform that provides people with a variety of ways to make money. You may use AliExpress to your advantage to make money whether you’re interested in dropshipping, affiliate marketing, product reviews, reselling, or selling services.

To be successful, each method calls for effort, planning, and commitment. It’s critical to conduct market research, comprehend the marketplace, select the appropriate goods or services, establish fair prices, and deliver first-rate customer service. Anyone may start a successful online business or side gig by using these suggestions and the power of AliExpress. Why not investigate the options and begin profiting from AliExpress right away?

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