How To Make Money From Society6 in 2023

Society6 is an online store where artists may sell their work on a variety of items, including phone cases, home goods, clothing, and art prints. Society6 might be an excellent venue to promote and sell your creations if you’re an artist trying to monetize your work.

You must produce top-notch artwork, set up your shop, advertise your products, and optimise your business for sales in order to profit from Society6. To develop a devoted customer base, you’ll also need to properly price your products and interact with your target market.

We’ll go over each of these procedures in more detail in this article, along with advice on how to maximise your earnings on Society6. You may make your artwork on Society6 into a successful company by putting in the time and effort, using these tips, and adhering to them.

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1. Create high-quality artwork

Success in Society6 depends on producing high-caliber art. Here are some pointers for producing standout artwork:

1. Use high-quality materials: Using high-quality resources can have a significant impact on the final project, whether you’re using digital or conventional media. Select materials that are renowned for their strength, vibrancy, and fading resistance.

2. Pay attention to composition: Your artwork’s overall impact is greatly influenced by its composition. To make a design that is both balanced and aesthetically pleasing, take into account the rule of thirds, leading lines, and other compositional strategies.

3. Play with with colour: In your artwork, colour can elicit feelings, establish the mood, and convey meaning. Try out various colour schemes to get the ideal fusion for your design.

4. Tell a tale: Art that delivers a message or tells a story has the potential to be very effective. Consider your intended message for your art and the best way to convey it.

5. Keep things straightforward: When it comes to art, sometimes less is more. Try to keep your designs simple and concentrate on the distinctive features that make them stand out.

6. Maintain your style: Lastly, it’s critical to maintain your sense of aesthetic integrity. Avoid trying to imitate someone else’s style or producing work that doesn’t seem like it comes from you. Your individual style will distinguish your artwork on Society6.

2. Set up your Society6 shop

The process of setting up your Society6 store is simple. Here is a detailed instruction:

1. Open a profile: Create an account on the Society6 website first. You can register using your social networking accounts or email address.

2. post your artwork: You can post your artwork to the site after logging in. JPGs, PNGs, and PDFs are just a few of the file kinds that Society6 will accept.

3. Select your goods: Select the products you wish to sell your artwork on next. The variety of goods available at Society6 includes art prints, tapestries, phone covers, clothing, and home decor.

4. Establish your prices: Based on your intended profit margin and the cost of production, determine the prices for each product. Additionally, you can benefit from Society6’s suggested prices.

5. Personalize your shop: Add a banner image, profile picture, and shop description to personalise your business. To make it simpler for shoppers to locate what they’re looking for, you may group your products into collections.

6. Preview and publish: After making sure everything looks good, preview your shop and click “Publish” to make it live on Society6.

7. Begin advertising: As soon as your business is operational, you should begin advertising your art. To reach a larger audience, promote your items on social media, get in touch with influencers, and think about launching paid advertising campaigns.

These instructions will help you create a professional, eye-catching shop on Society6 where you can start selling your artwork to clients all around the world.

3. Promote your shop

For a larger audience and to increase sales, marketing your Society6 store is crucial. Here are some pointers for successfully marketing your store:

1. Promote your Society6 shop using social media: Social media is an effective instrument for this. Utilize relevant hashtags when posting about your products on social media to reach a larger audience. To target particular demographics, think about implementing paid advertising campaigns on websites like Facebook and Instagram.

2. Work with influencers to promote your Society6 store: Influencer marketing may be very effective. Offer to give complimentary products to influencers in your niche in exchange for them promoting your shop to their followers by getting in touch with them.

3. Take part in Society6 specials: Society6 usually offers discounts and promotions on its merchandise. Profit from this by promoting your products or providing your own discounts during these occasions.

4. Participate in events: If there are regional art fairs or other gatherings, think about going to them to promote your goods and meet prospective buyers.

5. Run contests: Running contests on social media is a terrific method to boost interaction and advertise your store. Think of giving away a prize to a single winner who shares or tags a friend in your article.

6. Work together with other artists: Promoting each other’s work and expanding your audience can both be accomplished through collaboration. Think about collaborating with other creatives in your specialised field to produce collaborative collections or market one another’s goods on social media.

You may effectively market your Society6 store and reach a larger audience of potential buyers by combining these techniques.

4. Optimize your shop

Optimising your Society6 store can raise your profile and increase sales. Here are some suggestions for improving your store:

1. Use appropriate tags and keywords: Be sure to tag your products with terms and phrases that accurately describe your artwork. As a result, more relevant searches for your products will show up on Society6.

Create collections by grouping your products according to themes or fashions. Customers will find it simpler to browse your products and find what they want as a result.

3. Use high-quality product photographs: Showcase your products with high-quality images. A crisp, well-lit image that clearly displays the nuances of your artwork is a must.

4. Compose thorough product descriptions: To give more details about your artwork, use the product descriptions. Describe your sources of inspiration, your methods, and any unique characteristics of your products.

5. Take part in challenges: Society6 regularly holds competitions and challenges for its artists. By taking part, you may boost your visibility and encourage additional sales.

Engage with your audience by promptly responding to their queries and comments. Your customer interactions will strengthen as a result of helping to establish trust.

7. Offer discounts or promotions: Giving customers incentives to buy might increase sales. Think about extending a special discount to new clients or holding a time-limited product sale.

You may make your Society6 shop successful and raise your profile there by paying attention to these pointers.

5. Price your products strategically

To sell on Society6, you must strategically price your things. Here are some recommendations for product pricing:

1. Investigate your rivals: Look up other artists selling comparable goods on Society6 to see what they are charging for their goods. This will assist you in figuring out the market rate and how to competitively price your products.

2. Take into account the costs of production: Society6 handles the packaging and shipping of your products, although they do keep a portion of the sales revenue. To make sure you’re turning a profit, remember to take these expenses into account when choosing your prices.

3. Take into account your target market: Think about the target market you are aiming for and what they could be willing to pay for your goods. You could want to keep your costs cheaper if you’re trying to reach a younger demographic in order to accommodate their budget.

4. Different items should have different prices because they have different profit margins and production expenses. Think about determining a product’s price based on the demand for the product and its manufacturing expenses.

5. Take advantage of Society6’s suggested prices. Based on the product’s production cost and the typical costs of comparable products, Society6 offers suggested prices for each product. Think about utilising these as a starting point when determining your prices.

6. Check and correct: Test various prices for your products to determine which ones are most successful at boosting sales. In order to develop the best pricing plan for your products, you may need to adjust your prices.

You can make sure you’re profitable while still appealing to your target market and generating sales on Society6 by wisely pricing your products.

6. Engage with your customers

Building a successful Society6 store requires engaging with your customers. Here are some pointers for communicating with your clients:

1. React to messages and comments: Customers’ feedback and comments on your items should be addressed promptly. This demonstrates your engagement with and concern for your customers.

2. Provide first-rate client service: Give your clients top-notch customer service. This includes giving timely answers to questions, being open and honest about your products and policies, and providing refunds or exchanges where necessary.

3. Distribute unique thank-you notes: Customers who make purchases should receive customised thank-you letters. By doing this, you can foster customer loyalty by demonstrating your appreciation for their business.

4. Request feedback: Request customer comments on your merchandise and store. In the future, this can help you enhance your goods and deliver better client service.

5. Share consumer images: Post consumer images of your products on social media. This demonstrates your appreciation for your clients and might aid in spreading the word about your goods to a larger market.

You may increase the general success of your Society6 store and cultivate a foundation of devoted customers by interacting with your customers.


In conclusion, Society6 is an excellent platform for artists to market and sell their work on a range of goods. You may improve your chances of success on Society6 by following the instructions provided in this book, which include producing high-quality artwork, putting up your store, promoting your products, optimising your shop, pricing your products wisely, and interacting with your customers.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that creating a profitable Society6 shop requires time and effort, but with perseverance and devotion, you can make your artwork into a thriving business. Don’t be scared to try out several tactics to see which suits your items and target market the best.

You may establish yourself on Society6 and turn your love of painting into a successful business by building a great portfolio of artwork, an attractive online store, and a loyal following of buyers.

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