7 Best Ways to Make Money from Mobile Massage in 2023

Mobile massage is a successful industry that enables therapists to offer massage services in the comfort of their clients’ homes or offices. Mobile massage can not only be therapeutic and relaxing, but it can also be a lucrative business. The following are the top 7 ways to profit from mobile massage:

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1. Offer add-on services

A wonderful method to raise the value of your mobile massage business and give your clients more value is to provide add-on services. Popular add-on services to think about providing include the following:

1. Aromatherapy: Depending on your client’s preferences, you can add essential oils to your massage oils to create a calming or energising ambience.

2. Hot stone therapy: To calm muscles and improve blood flow, heated stones are applied to specific body parts.

3. Reflexology: Provide an expert foot massage that concentrates on particular pressure spots to enhance general wellness.

4. Cupping therapy: To increase circulation and relieve discomfort, suction is created on the skin using silicone cups.

5. Stretching methods: To increase flexibility and variety of motion, incorporate stretching methods into your massage.

6. Scalp massage: To ease stress and encourage relaxation, give a soothing scalp rub.

7. Chair massage: Provide on-site, brief chair massages at events, workplaces, and other sites.

You can set your company apart from rivals and give your customers a more specialised experience by providing add-on services. Offering these services can also boost your income and open up possibilities for upselling to customers. To give your clients a safe and effective experience, be sure to receive the appropriate training and education on these add-on services.

2. Sell retail products

Another method to boost sales and add value to your mobile massage business is by selling retail goods. By selling products that go along with your massage services, you can give your customers more time between appointments to reap the benefits of your massage and give them a more complete wellness experience. Here are some goods you might think about selling in stores:

1. Massage oils and lotions: Provide your customers with the same premium oils and lotions you use during sessions so they can have the same relaxing experience at home.

2. Aromatherapy-related goods Sell candles, diffusers, and essential oils to help people unwind and feel refreshed at home.

3. Self-massage tools: Provide customers with self-massage tools between appointments, such as foam rollers, massage balls, and percussion massagers, to help them target particular sore or tense spots.

4. CBD goods: Retail CBD-infused creams, oils, and moisturisers that can ease customers’ aches and pains.

5. Skincare items: Market skincare items like face oils, serums, and masks that can support customers in maintaining healthy, glowing skin.

You can give your customers a convenient “one-stop shop” experience by selling goods, which will increase their loyalty and satisfaction. In order to make informed suggestions to your clients, make sure to thoroughly investigate and source products that are consistent with the goals and values of your company.

3. Host massage parties

Hosting massage events is a fun and distinctive way to advertise your mobile massage company and give customers a shared experience. Here are some pointers for organising massage gatherings that go well:

1. Make a plan: Make sure you have all the supplies and equipment required for the celebration, choose a location, and decide on a date and time.

2. Invite visitors: Encourage your current clients to ask their friends and family by reaching out to them. Additionally, you can advertise locally and on social media to draw people to the celebration.

3. Provide a range of services: To accommodate various guest tastes, think about providing various massage types or add-on services.

4. Create a soothing environment: To create a spa-like ambiance that promotes relaxation, use candles, soft lighting, and relaxing music.

5. Offer refreshments: To keep visitors hydrated and refreshed, provide small snacks and drinks like water, tea, or water with fruit.

6. Provide special discounts or promotions for guests who schedule upcoming appointments at the gathering.

Hosting massage parties can be a wonderful way to draw in new customers, advertise your company, and give your guests a special and memorable experience. The dress code, arrival times, and any health or safety precautions your visitors need to be aware of should all be clearly explained to them in advance. Hosting massage parties can develop into a regular and lucrative aspect of your mobile massage company with careful preparation and execution.

4. Partner with businesses

A smart strategy for growing your mobile massage company and reaching more people is to collaborate with other companies. Here are some pointers for working with nearby companies:

1. Determine prospective partners: Look for companies like fitness centers, yoga studios, or chiropractic offices that serve comparable clients or provide complementary services.

2. Contact prospective partners: Introduce yourself and your company over the phone or in an email and suggest a possible collaboration.

3. Make a mutually advantageous offer: Offer to give the company’s clients or employees discounted massage treatments in return for them promoting your services to their audience.

4. Establish a recommendation programme: Set up a referral programme where companies can get paid for sending customers to your mobile massage services.

5. Hold on-site massage events: Offer to set up a massage station at the company’s address for a day or a week, giving customers or staff quick chair massages.

You can increase your clientele and your revenue by collaborating with other companies. You can encourage companies to advertise your services to their customers by providing discounted services or a referral programme. Hosting events on-site can be a great way to show off your abilities and cultivate connections with prospective customers. Be careful to establish clear expectations for each party and communicate with your partners about the conditions of your partnership.

5. Create a membership program

A great method to increase revenue consistency and client loyalty in your mobile massage business is by setting up a membership programme. The following advice will help you develop an effective membership programme:

1. Identify the advantages: Choose the perks you’ll give members, such as lower prices, first dibs on reservations, special deals, or extra services.

2. Select a payment plan: Determine the pricing structure for members, such as a yearly or monthly cost or a massage package.

3. Establish a precise participation contract: Create a membership agreement that details the programme’s terms and conditions, including payment terms, cancellation policies, and any limitations or limits.

4. Market your subscription scheme: Through your website, social media, email marketing, and in-person advertising, promote your membership programme.

5. Offer superb client service: Offer members top-notch customer service, including quick answers to questions, flexible scheduling, and individualised care.

By offering members special benefits, a membership programme can help you create recurring revenue and boost customer loyalty. To draw in new members, make sure to effectively market your programme and to write a membership agreement that is crystal clear and contains all of the programme’s terms and conditions. Offering top-notch customer service can also aid in member retention and the development of long-lasting bonds with your customers.

6. Teach massage classes

You can share your knowledge with others and earn extra money by offering massage lessons. Here are some suggestions for training massage instructors:

Identify your niche: Make a decision regarding the types of massage courses you want to teach, such as therapeutic massage, relaxation massage, or specialised methods like prenatal or sports massage.

Create a curriculum: Create a curriculum that combines theoretical understanding with applied knowledge and real experience. Create training materials and visual aids if you want to improve the learning process.

3. Create a space: Find a location that will work for your classes, such as a yoga studio, community center, or your house. Make sure the area is tidy, welcoming, and furnished with all the necessities.

4. Market your courses: You can advertise your classes online, on social media, in local classified ads, or by working with nearby companies. To draw more pupils, think about providing early-bird discounts or referral rewards.

5. Deliver exceptional instruction: Engage your pupils, give them individualised attention, and give them helpful feedback to deliver exceptional instruction. To enhance their learning, encourage your students to pose questions and offer feedback.

Giving massage lessons can be a fulfilling experience that allows you to share your love of massage with others and earn extra money. To improve your students’ learning, be sure to create a thorough curriculum, market your classes well, and deliver excellent teaching.

7. Create a YouTube channel

A fantastic method to reach a larger audience and highlight your skill as a mobile massage therapist is to start a YouTube channel. Here are some guidelines for building a popular YouTube channel:

1. Identify your niche: Choose the kind of material you want to produce, such as guides, tricks, reviews of products, or client feedback.

2. Create a content strategy: Create a content plan that outlines the subjects to cover, a release timetable for new videos, and the tools and software needed for production.

3. Make instrument purchases: Invest in top-notch tools for editing, such as a camera, microphone, lighting, and editing software, to make sure your videos appear polished and are interesting to watch.

4. Advertise on your channel: Utilize your website, social media, and other online channels to promote your YouTube channel. Encourage your customers to subscribe and tell their family and friends about your films.

5. Offer valuable content: Share your knowledge, offer practical tips and guidance, and highlight your distinctive approach to mobile massage to give your viewers valuable content.

You can expand your audience and enhance your image as a mobile massage therapist by starting a YouTube channel. To draw followers, be sure to create a content strategy, make quality equipment purchases, and market your channel skillfully. Offering insightful material that highlights your knowledge and distinctive approach can help you gain a devoted following and draw in new customers.


In conclusion, for massage therapists looking to offer their services in a convenient and flexible way, mobile massage can be a highly lucrative business endeavour. You can successfully launch and expand your mobile massage business by acquiring the required licences and certifications, creating a business plan, buying tools and supplies, creating a website, marketing your services, deciding on a pricing structure, and guaranteeing the security and satisfaction of your clients.

You can also increase your income sources and reach a larger audience by providing add-on services, selling retail goods, having massage parties, working with other companies, developing a membership program, teaching massage classes, and starting a YouTube channel. You can create a successful and lucrative mobile massage company with commitment, perseverance, and a desire to help people.

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