7 Unique Side Hustles You Haven’t Considered Yet

Are you looking for some original methods to supplement your current income? While there are many well-known side jobs, such as dog walking or freelance writing, there are also some unique side hustles you may not have thought of.

This article will discuss 7 unique side hustles that you may not be familiar with. These side jobs give the chance to make extra money while pursuing your interests and passions, from mobile notary to virtual interior designer. These side jobs might be the ideal match for you, whether you’re trying to boost your income or just want to try something new.

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1. Virtual Interior Designer

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An expert who provides interior design services online is known as a virtual interior designer. They do this by working remotely with clients and collaborating on design tasks through technology.

As a virtual interior designer, you would typically commence by learning about your clients’ preferences for styles, spending limits, and lifestyle requirements. This could be accomplished through a survey, conversation, or live chat. You would then design a unique layout for their space once you have a solid grasp of their needs and preferences.

This could entail making a mood board with images for inspiration, picking out furniture and home accents, deciding on color schemes and patterns, and giving step-by-step directions for putting the design into practice. To assist your clients in visualizing the finished product, you might also give 3D renderings or virtual tours of the design plan.

As an illustration, suppose a customer contacts you and requests your assistance in designing their living room. You develop a design plan that includes a new couch, accent chairs, rug, coffee table, and wall decor after speaking with them on the phone and examining their current space. You give ideas for paint colors and lighting options, as well as thorough instructions for placing the furniture and hanging the decorations.

The client is able to buy the suggested items on their own, and you are still accessible if they have any questions or need any additional help. Without ever having to meet you in person, the client ends up with a gorgeously designed living room that suits their requirements and reflects their individual taste.

2. Resume Writer

A resume writer is a specialist in creating compelling and successful resumes for job applicants. Writers of resumes collaborate with clients to produce documents that highlight their abilities, successes, and work history in a way that attracts to prospective employers.

As a resume writer, you would typically begin by asking your clients about their employment history, educational background, and desired job path. You would look over any prior resumes they may have and enquire about their expertise and accomplishments. Based on this knowledge, you would design a tailored resume that accentuates their advantages and positions them as a strong applicant for the positions they are looking for.

This could involve putting their work experience into context, emphasizing their most important skills and achievements, and writing a professional summary that captures their distinct value proposition. You can also give advice on how to structure the resume, what to put in the sections, and what keywords to use to make it more search engine friendly. (ATS).

For illustration, suppose a client contacts you and requests assistance updating their resume so they can apply for a new position. After consulting with them and reviewing their previous resume and employment history, you write a new resume that places an emphasis on their accomplishments, relevant experience, and transferable skills. You might also offer suggestions for how to reorganize the resume to improve its readability and visual appeal.

The client can then use the updated resume to confidently apply for jobs knowing that their abilities and expertise are well-represented. By writing resumes that set them apart from the competition, you can work with job applicants to increase their chances of being hired.

3. Mobile Notary

A notary public who goes to clients to notarize legal documents is known as a mobile notary. The identification of signers must be confirmed, and the signatures must be valid and enforceable, according to notaries. Since they can go to their customers’ homes, workplaces, or other locations to notarize documents, mobile notaries provide a practical and adaptable service.

As a mobile notary, you typically promote your offerings online or in local listings, and customers then get in touch with you to make appointments. In order to notarize the client’s documents, you would then journey to their location with your notary stamp and other required supplies.

Various legal papers, including wills, powers of attorney, real estate deals, and business contracts, may fall under this category. In order to vouch for the legitimacy of the document, you would confirm the signers’ identities, watch them sign it, and then affix your notarial seal.

Let’s take the scenario where a customer contacts you in order to have a power of attorney document notarized. You arrange to meet them at their house on the weekend because they are unable to get to your workplace during regular business hours. You authenticate their signature, observe it, and then affix your notarial stamp to make it legally binding.

Clients who may not have simple access to a traditional notary public or who require document notarization outside of regular business hours benefit greatly from the services offered by mobile notaries. As a mobile notary, you can provide a versatile and practical service while also guaranteeing the legitimacy of crucial papers.

4. Social Media Consultant

A social media consultant is a specialist who offers direction and counsel to organizations or people on how to use social media efficiently to meet their marketing objectives. In order to help their customers raise brand recognition, engagement, and sales, social media consultants are experts at utilizing a variety of social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and others.

As a social media consultant, you would typically begin by reviewing the current social media footprint of your clients, figuring out who their target market is, and establishing their marketing objectives. You would develop a tailored social media plan based on this data, including particular tactics and objectives for each platform.

Creating and scheduling social media posts, managing paid social media advertising campaigns, interacting with followers and answering messages, as well as monitoring and analyzing social media data to gauge the strategy’s effectiveness, are some examples of this.

Let’s say, for illustration, a small company approaches you for assistance with social media marketing. You develop a social media strategy after analyzing their present online presence and learning about their objectives. It includes regular posting on Facebook and Instagram, the use of targeted advertising campaigns, and a 24-hour response time for customer queries.

Additionally, you recommend using Instagram Stories to promote exclusive deals and behind-the-scenes content, and you offer advice on how to make visually appealing content. By examining measures like reach, engagement, and conversions over time, you can monitor the effectiveness of the social media strategy and make changes as needed to boost performance.

Businesses and people who want to enhance their social media presence and accomplish their marketing objectives can benefit from the knowledge and assistance that social media consultants can provide. Social media advisors can assist their clients in establishing connections with their target audience and developing their brands online by offering a tailored social media strategy and ongoing support.

5. Personal Stylist

A personal stylist is a fashion expert who collaborates with customers to create an outfit selection that suits their individual tastes, body types, and lifestyles. Personal stylists give guidance on how to wear and coordinate various pieces while also assisting clients in choosing apparel and accessories that suit their particular preferences and requirements.

As a personal stylist, you would typically begin by visiting with clients to evaluate their sense of fashion, physical characteristics, and way of life. You can enquire about their daily schedule, preferred styles, upcoming events, and special occasions. You would develop a tailored style plan with specific clothing and accessory suggestions based on this knowledge.

This might entail making recommendations for stores to buy specific items from, coming up with outfit combinations for various situations, and giving guidance on how to accessorize various looks. You can also offer advice on cloth selections, color schemes, and fit.

Let’s assume, for illustration, a client asks you for assistance in modernizing their business attire. You suggest a range of tailored suits, blouses, and accessories after speaking with them and determining their requirements and style in order to help them appear presentable and polished at work. You also offer suggestions on how to combine and match various items to make a variety of ensembles that are appropriate for various settings.

If a client wants to better their personal style and feel more confident in their appearance, you can provide them with invaluable expertise and advice as a personal stylist. Personal stylists are able to make their clients feel more at ease and fashionable in any setting by assisting them in creating a wardrobe that suits their unique preferences and requirements.

6. Podcast Producer

A producer of podcasts is a specialist who is in charge of managing their creation and dissemination. In addition to creating and carrying out a content strategy, the podcast producer is in charge of handling the technical aspects of the podcast, such as recording, editing, and publishing.

As a podcast producer, you would typically begin by creating an idea for the show and determining the audience you want to reach. Then, using specialized equipment to guarantee top-notch sound, you would plan and record each episode alongside the host or hosts.

After recording, you would edit the audio to eliminate any errors or superfluous information and to add any necessary music or sound effects. In order to increase SEO and make the material more accessible to a larger audience, you would also write show notes and transcripts for each episode.

Once the episode is finished, you would submit it to a podcast hosting service like Spotify or Apple Podcasts and make a social media and marketing strategy to market each episode and expand the podcast’s audience.

Let’s take the scenario where you are creating a podcast about business. Each show, which features conversations with accomplished businesspeople and subject-matter authorities, is planned and recorded in collaboration with the host. You publish each episode to a hosting site after editing and post-production, and you advertise it on social media and in email newsletters.

As a podcast producer, you can assist hosts who want to make interesting, high-caliber podcasts by providing your knowledge and support. Podcast producers can assist hosts in concentrating on producing compelling content and expanding their following by handling the technical aspects of podcast production and building a content strategy.

7. Online Language Tutor

A professional who teaches language to pupils online is known as an online language tutor. English, Spanish, French, Chinese, and many other languages can be taught by online language tutors, who can work with pupils of all ages and proficiency levels, from beginner to advanced.

As an online language teacher, you would usually begin by evaluating your student’s language ability and determining where they could use some development. The next step would be to create a personalized curriculum with lessons and exercises aimed at helping your pupil gain better conversational, grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation skills.

A number of tools, such as video conferencing, chat rooms, and interactive whiteboards, are available for online language tutoring. To further their understanding and monitor their development, you can also give students access to extra materials like online exercises and tests.

For illustration, suppose you are an internet English teacher who specializes in instructing non-native speakers of the language. Using video conferencing and other online resources, you teach and give feedback to students from all over the globe. You create lesson plans that emphasize grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation and employ a range of resources, such as textbooks, videos, and online activities, to engage your students and strengthen their understanding.

You can provide students who want to improve their language skills for personal or professional reasons with helpful language guidance and support as an online language tutor. Online language tutors can aid students in achieving their language objectives and improving their communication skills in a globalized society by offering individualized instruction and utilizing a range of tools and resources.


In conclusion, there are a variety of unusual side businesses that can help you diversify your income and discover new hobbies. Whether you decide to work as an online language tutor, podcast producer, or virtual interior designer, these side jobs give you freedom, flexibility, and the chance to follow your interests. You may find a side business that not only gives you extra money, but also fulfillment and joy, by thinking outside the box and looking into unusual possibilities. Therefore, don’t be afraid to attempt something new because you never know where it will take you!

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