Make Money From Video Games Streaming with Twitch, Youtube and Mixer in 2023

The act of broadcasting video games online, typically through services like Twitch, YouTube, or Mixer, is referred to as video game streaming. These sites let consumers watch other people play video games in real-time while frequently including player commentary.


The act of broadcasting video games online, typically through services like Twitch, YouTube, or Mixer, is referred to as video game streaming. These sites let consumers watch other people play video games in real-time while frequently including player commentary.

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You will require a few things in order to stream a video game:

  • A device that can play the game you wish to stream, such as a computer or console.
  • A dependable and quick internet connection.
  • Streaming software to record and send the video and audio from your computer or console, such as XSplit and OBS (Open BroadcasterSoftware).
  • A webcam and microphone (optional) for audience involvement and feedback.

Once you have them, follow these instructions to begin streaming:

  • Configure your streaming software to record the video and audio from your game after setting it up.
  • Connect your webcam and microphone (if using them).
  • Create an account on the streaming service of your choice.
  • To connect your streaming application to your account, follow the platform’s instructions.
  • Play your game and broadcast it to your viewers as soon as possible.

Recent years have seen a huge increase in the popularity of video game streaming, with many streamers amassing sizable fan bases and even turning it into a full-time job. Try it out if you like playing video games and want to show off your skills to others.


Several factors may motivate someone to stream video games:

  • Excitement: The excitement of the gaming or the entertainment value of the comments and engagement with the streamer are two reasons why many people like watching others play video games.
  • Community: Connecting with people who have a similar interest in gaming can be done by streaming video games. Many streamers have developed sizable communities of devoted fans that engage with them in chat rooms and live streams.
  • Education: Some streamers utilise their platforms to instruct viewers on particular games or playing styles. This is particularly useful for newer players who want to develop their skills.
  • E-sports: Professional video game competitions, also referred to as e-sports, have grown more and more well-liked in recent years. E-sports have benefited greatly from the expansion and popularity of streaming services like Twitch.
  • Career: Streaming video games can be a full-time career for some people. Many streamers have amassed sizable fan bases and rely on sponsorships, advertising, and donations from their audience to support themselves.

Overall, sharing your love of gaming with others, engaging with people, and possibly even making it a job can all be done through video game streaming.

The best approach to begin streaming video games

Here are some actions you can do if you wish to start streaming video games:

  • Select a platform: Twitch, YouTube, Mixer, and Facebook Gaming are just a few of the sites where video games can be streamed. Create an account using the one you feel most at ease with.
  • Set up your tools: A gaming-capable computer or console, a swift and reliable internet connection, and streaming software like XSplit and OBS (Open BroadcasterSoftware) are all required. You might also wish to spend money on a webcam and microphone for commentary and audience engagement.
  • Examine your setup: Check that everything is in working order before you begin streaming. To make sure everything is configured properly, test your microphone, webcam, and streaming software.
  • Selecting your games: Think on the games you want to stream and your strategy for playing them. Do you want to stream a variety of games or do you want to concentrate on one single game or genre?
  • Start the stream: Start playing your game and streaming it to your audience after everything is set up. To enhance your streams, be sure to engage with your viewers in the chat and pay attention to their feedback.
  • Promote your broadcasts: You must advertise your streams if you want to attract viewers. To gain additional visibility, promote your streams on social media, get involved in relevant forums, and think about teaming up with other broadcasters.

Building a lucrative streaming business is doable with perseverance and hard effort.


A video game streamer’s pay might differ significantly based on a variety of variables, such as the size of their audience, the platform they use, and the kind of material they are creating. While some streamers use their streams as their primary source of revenue, others use them as a side gig or additional source of money.

Streamers can monetize their streams in a variety of ways, including the following:

  • Donations: Through third-party services like PayPal or Patreon or streaming networks like Twitch, many streamers accept money from their audience.
  • Subscriptions: Some streaming services, like Twitch, include subscription plans that let viewers pay a monthly fee to support their favourite streamers.
  • Advertisements: Streamers can monetize their streams by running advertisements. The quantity of views they receive and the kind of the advertisement will determine how much money they make from adverts.
  • Sponsorships: Streamers can also earn money by accepting sponsorships, in which businesses pay them to advertise their goods or services during the streams.

It’s crucial to remember that becoming a successful video game broadcaster takes a lot of effort, commitment, and consistency. It can take a while for streamers to succeed because many of them have trouble growing their audiences to the point where they can generate a sizable income from their streams.


When streaming video games, you might need the following hardware and programmes:

  • Streaming software: The primary programme you’ll use to record and send the audio and video from your computer or gaming console to the streaming platform is known as streaming software. XSplit and OBS (Open BroadcasterSoftware) are two common choices.
  • Microphone: A microphone is required if you wish to talk to your viewers and offer commentary as you stream. Both a standalone microphone and a headset with an integrated microphone are options.
  • Camera: Using a webcam to stream while showing your face and body might help you establish a more intimate connection with your viewers.
  • Game capture card: To record the video and audio from your console when streaming console games, you may require a game capture card. These plug-in gadgets let you stream gameplay from your console to your computer.
  • Gaming controller: In order to play console games that are being streamed, you will need a game controller. You can play console games with a keyboard and mouse if your streaming software supports controller mapping.
  • Headphones: Using headphones when streaming can help you hear the game audio more clearly by reducing background noise.
  • Overlay: During your stream, an overlay is a visual that is shown over your gameplay footage. Such elements like your logo, social media links, and subscriber numbers may be present.

You may make a professional-looking stream that will help you interact with your audience and expand your channel by using the appropriate tools and software.


There are various video game streaming software solutions, each with its own features and functionalities. Popular choices comprise:

  • XSplit : Streamers frequently use the premium programme XSplit. It has a number of features, such as game capture, an audio mixer, and support for webcams. Additionally, you can add overlays and alerts to personalise your stream.
  • Streamlabs: Streamlabs, OBS Based on OBS, OBS is a free programme that has extra features made just for streamers, like a library of overlays, alarms, and widgets.
  • Elgato Game Capture: It is a premium piece of software made especially for recording and streaming console games. It enables you to stream to websites like Twitch and YouTube and has features like quick replay and chat integration.
  • (Open BroadcasterSoftware)e (OBS): Video game broadcasting and recording are popular uses of OBS, a free and open-source programme. You may personalise the design and style of your stream, and it supports a variety of sources like webcams, microphones, and game capture.

It’s crucial to take into account your needs, your budget, the compatibility of the software with your hardware, and the platform you’re utilising when selecting a streaming programme. To locate the software that performs the best for you, you might want to test out a few other possibilities.


The best video game streaming platform for you will be determined by your preferences and goals among the numerous options available. Consider these five well-known platforms if you’re a freelancer:

  • Twitch: With the largest and most vibrant community, Twitch is the most well-known site for streaming video games. It provides subscription options, chat, emotes, and a partnership scheme that enables broadcasters to make money off of their channels.
  • YouTube: YouTube has a sizable user base and is a well-liked site for streaming video games. It has features like live chat and gives you the option to monetise your channel with sponsorships and adverts.
  • Mixer: It is a Microsoft-owned streaming service that is well-liked by gamers. It provides partnership capabilities that let streamers monetise their channels as well as features like co-streaming and low-latency streaming.
  • Facebook Gaming: A streaming service that is a component of the Facebook ecosystem is called Facebook Gaming. It has features like live chat and gives you the option to monetise your channel with sponsorships and adverts.
  • DLive: DLive is a blockchain-based decentralised streaming network. Through subscriptions and donations, it enables streamers to profit from cryptocurrencies, and it has a partnership programme that enables them to monetize their channels.

The best platform for you will ultimately rely on your objectives and the kind of content you plan to produce. To choose which platform suits you the most, it could be useful to test out a few alternative options.

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